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Nicolas Silberfaden Photography Born in 1982 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lives in Los Angeles, United States.

Project Description

Untitled Superhero Project (working title) is the first chapter of a portrait series dealing with the American Recession. Due to the current economic, social and cultural crisis in The United States of America today, I have decided to do a photographic project consisting of a series of studio portraits of superhero impersonators that live and work in the city of Los Angeles. Making them pose in their costumes against a colorful backdrop, I ask them to manifest feelings of genuine sadness – honest emotions that are a consequence of our current times.  The result is a somber, striking visual image that contradicts the iconic nature of strength and moral righteousness typical in American superhero imagery. Creating the illusion that Superman does exist – that he too was fallible and affected by America’s downturn. 

Publications (Excerpt)

Wall Street Journal
Monocle (England)
D Magazine (Italy)
Panorama (Italy)
British Journal of Photography
Big City (Russia)
La Nacion (Argentina)
ADN Magazine (Argentina)
The Photo Review
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